EEP Sports is sponsored by EEP Law. We are driven by a mission to empower young athletes with sportsmanship, teamwork, and discipline. These principles are embodied in all we teach.

Through sports, both baseball and basketball, EEP Law has deepened our support and connection with communities, neighbors, friends, and colleagues.

What began in 2016 with a single baseball team has grown to more than a dozen teams ranging from six to sixteen years old. EEP Sports are played in all five boroughs and enjoyed by hundreds of kids and their families.

EEP Sports takes great pride in being able to give our kids an extremely valuable experience and ability to train at top facilities, enter the best leagues and tournaments, and have top-notch gear and equipment all for affordable prices. EEP Law’s commitment to players ensures they will never be denied an opportunity based on the price of an event or item.

EEP Sports and EEP Law Partners, John Elefterakis, Nick Elefterakis, and Ray Panek, are grateful to the players, parents, coaches and community for their collaboration, support and trust. Collectively, we strive to provide quality programming and endless opportunities for the future.

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EEP Law proud sponsor of EEP Sports